Saturday, January 23, 2010

Inspiring Conference

I just came from our Stake Relief Society
Women's Conference.
I have to admit that when I was laying in bed,
revelling in the fact that I could stay there all day if I wanted,
then remembered we had Women's Conference
I was tempted to try to forget.
Boy am I glad I didn't!
This conference was meant for me.
I haven't been so inspired in a long time ...
Our amazing Stake RS Pres'y invited 2 older sisters to speak.
Sister Leavitt and Sister Kesterson must both be in their 80s.
The wisdom they shared was almost more than I could take in.
But at the same time, I felt like I could sit at their feet for days ...
It was a tearful day for me.
It's an interesting thing - to be moved to tears by the Spirit -
not out of sadness or joy or anything other than being divinely taught.
We had 2 musical #s. Both amazing.
But it took only a few words coming from my friend, Rebecca,
in her song
for the tears to flow steadily.
After today I am more committed to:
* Remember the power of prayer
* make time for relationships outside of my home
* recognize the Savior in my life
I am grateful for inspired leaders and friends with talents.


Sheryl Parsons said...

Love the music Denalee! I'm with you, I love to listen to the elderly as they see things in more realistic terms often times. We also have another commonality, I too have been working on trying to step outside of our family and let others in. We got out of the habit of socializing since it seems that no one does it here. They all have family and that's enough. We need each other to keep the communities and churches we are associated strong. Send me your phone number. There's some things I would like to chat about. Hugs, Sheryl

Rebecca and Co. said...

I also loved women's conference and felt that I could listen to Sister Kesterson and Sister Leavitt for hours! And thank you for the nice words regarding my song. It is a beautiful number and I'm just glad to have had Rebecca S. play for me --she makes me sound good. :)