Tuesday, January 26, 2010

teenage siblings

i just realized last week that this year (2010) we'll have 3 teenagers at home!
What a great year!!!!
I hope Bryan, Sierra and Azure realize that this is the beginning
of the best.
I LOVED my teenage years with my family.
(well, except when the boys were being jerks ...
Bruce & Michael, remember when I sent you to your rooms?)
We loved
dating each others' friends
staying up late talking
sharing music
going to dances & parties together
sports (playing and cheering on the player)
and "on and on" (remember Stephen Bishop's song?)
The pic below is missing our engine & caboose, but we love them anyway :)


Ashley said...

Omigosh! That is SUCH a great picture! You are so PRETTY!!!! You look a lot like Brooke and Sierra and Azure! : )

Tracey said...

I cannot wait for teenage years. I am so excited to have all their friends over to feed them and have them hangout playing games.