Friday, January 29, 2010

she's MY american idol

Sierra auditioned for
and participated in her high school's idol talent show
She accompanied herself singing
"A Thousand Miles"
and was
I am SO proud of Sierra!
I'm also so thankful for Caci & Jace's support in being there
very, very grateful for our Campbell family ...
they showed up in full force to support Sierra.
Sierra also had friends show up to cheer her on!
We are blessed :)


Rebecca and Co. said...

I love her short hair! And I'll bet she did awesome. Great song choice and if she can play and sing....well, that's just plain amazing. Go Sierra!

Katie said...

Way to go Sierra!

Shelise said...

How fun! What a good experience for her. She looks awesome by the way. I wish that girl were older, I would totally introduce her to my brother. Her hair is absolutely adorable and her outfit is SO cute. She's such a beautiful girl.

Erin said...

That's great! Do you have a video so we can hear too?

Ashley said...

Im so MAD i missed it! I had to babysit (of course)! She looks amazing! Did you video tape it, because if you did i would LOVE to see it! Great job Sierra!

Denalee said...

Everyone: Thanks so much for your comments - they all made Sierra feel really good. I taped her performance, but when we came home to play it, it was glitched and no good ... I'm hoping Amy recorded it on her iPhone - I think she did. If so, I'll try to put it on in a couple of days. Thanks again everyone for your sweet comments :)