Thursday, February 11, 2010

2 little pudgies

Sierra (2) & Bryan (3)
Brad and Sierra took a little stroll down memory-lane
the other day
when they pulled out old photo albums.
I just couldn't resist doing a quick blog about this picture.
These two have spent their lives together
watching out for each other
getting in trouble together
cheering each other on
Just a couple of fun memories:
#1 When Sierra was new on her feet - just able to pick up some speed
the two of them hopped off the back pew at church
while Brad & I were distracted,
snuck under the bench
then took off in opposite directions - each taking a side aisle
and up onto the stand
from there, they crossed each other and ran back down
opposite sides
They were so super-fast that no one could catch them
The really bad part:
they were laughing nice and loud the whole time
#2 One day I was on the phone with a very long-winded acquaintance
it got very quiet .. which was my excuse to get off the phone
i check on the kids and surprisingly, they were just sitting around, being good
So I got back on the phone
no sooner did this acquaintance start to talk
and i hear:
*giggle, giggle, giggle*
"now you do it!"
*belly laugh, belly laugh*
I rushed in to find Bryan and Sierra giving each other swirlies

Yup - tho no longer pudgies, they are still inseparable.

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s + b said...

lol they are so funny