Monday, February 22, 2010

one of those days

you all know what i'm talking about
i need to go to sleep and pretend today just never happened
and really - anything i touch today is going to self-destruct-
so the nicest thing i can do for myself
for those i love
for inanimate objects
for complete strangers
is to jump into my bed and sleep the rest of the day and night away.
someday maybe i'll tell you all the specifics
but for now, be glad if you are one of
the lucky ones who didn't come in contact
with me today
and sorry to those of you who did


s + b said...


night mama

Ashley said...

aww! you seemed really happy today! or maybe i just never expect you to be unhappy! lol!

Rebecca and Co. said...

I'd bet your worst days are most people's normal days. :) Hope the night's rest did you good!

Sheryl Parsons said...

Hope today is better for you! Hugs!

Azure said...