Monday, February 15, 2010

a little about not much

i took the day off.
insomnia, coupled with really sick stomach ... that meant i was unsuitable for work this morning
things I've learned today:
I've really not been missing much on tv - dora is about the best thing on during the day after all
thankfully the winter olympics is about to start
one can read an entire book in a morning
(The Goose Girl - it's really good)
I'm excited to start attending a local book group where this book will be discussed
Saturday Bryan and I saw
I've read all the Percy Jackson books, thanks to Bry
and thoroughly enjoyed the movie
(I don't care what the critics say)
I wish they'd make the Twilight movies as well ... they look low-budget to me
no sleep would be ok if a headache didn't accompany it
i love my essential oils - i've been burning a blend of
orange oil, roman chamomile and clary sage
it makes me feel better
i love to read
missing my grown kids and their kids
i wonder if i'll ever get scrapbooking again ...
i don't really want to - but think i should.
it's SO comfortable outside today (70+)
that's all.

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s + b said...

:( poor you. hope you sleep better tonight!