Friday, February 19, 2010

My Grandma ... Lida Perry Call

This picture is how I remember my Grandma Call best.
This was taken when she was 90 years old ...
she was almost 97 when she died.
Isn't she beautiful?!
In my memory, Grandma was always quilting. My strongest memories of Grandma are from 1977 - 1978. I was going to Ricks College and Grandpa & Grandma lived near Idaho Falls. I visited them on occasion, but when Grandpa passed away and Grandma was living alone I spent almost every weekend with her. As soon as I'd walk in her house I'd be offered some homemade ginger-snaps. Then we'd sit down at a quilt and visit and listen to CNN. Later each night we'd play a game of Scrabble. I slept in Grandma's guest room. Early in 1978 I got pretty sick - One night at Grandma's house I was coughing so much I guess I was keeping her awake. In she walked with a spoonful of something and strongly suggested I take it. It would quiet my cough, she said.
I found out later it was cayenne pepper and honey.
It about killed me.
But I didn't cough the rest of the night :)
This is a quilt my Grandma made. This is how amazing she is: While living with my aunt in Arizona she slept in a room that let in too much sun and too much heat. So she just "whipped up" this amazing window covering.
Below is my Grandma's 8th Grade graduation picture:
(GORGEOUS, isn't she!)
I love my Grandma.


s + b said...

i love her, especially that last photo.

Lauren Green said...

Great-Grandma Lida!! I know I was young when she passed, but I remember her. She was a beautiful and talented woman. Thank you for sharing :)