Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Confessional

Thanks for the idea, Rebecca!

* Sometimes I roll my eyes over the phone

* When I was 7 or 8 one of my friends told me that if you pretend to say "hey" while smiling, your smile will look better. I had a very crooked smile till I tried that trick. Now 40+ years later I often find myself saying "hey" when a picture is taken.

* When exercising I only cheat on the crunches

* I can't cook or bake without sampling the entire time. This means I never want to eat my own meal.

* I really believe clothes smell better when line-dried

* I'm currently disillusioned with the state of Henderson's police force (that's being nice)

* I'd rather watch a childhood Disney movie or The Sound of Music at home than see a new flick at the theater

* Although I feel like a kid in most ways, I've truly become a grown-up when it comes to amusement parks. I'd rather do taxes than go on one of those rides.

* I used to "call in sick" so I could finish a good novel. Now I just stay up late then suffer the next day.

* My kids are ALL smarter than me.

* I still have to check to make sure the doors are locked more than once before bedtime

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