Thursday, February 4, 2010

letting go

how long can I hold on to bitterness toward RF
(the guy who hired Brad as GM, then a year later let him go)
[yeah, the economy pooped out ... but he mislead us about the condition of the company and knew all along that it was most likely a temporary job for Brad but never shared that with us - all while we purchased a home, closed the door to Alaska, etc... he was less than honest with us]
I think with the disposal of this sad plant
I can dispose of negative feelings.
Let's hope so.
Ironically, this is a
Peace Lilly
R & his wife had this delivered to our home the day we closed
I've nurtured this baby, trimmed it,
watered it, moved it ...
finally about a month ago I just left it alone.
Sad, I know.
A week or so ago I put it outside and let it freeze.
This morning I dumped it in the garbage and said farewell.
The garbage truck should be here any minute.
Good-bye to the peace lilly and good-bye to bitter feelings.


Rebecca and Co. said...

Letting go can be so hard...esp. when you are hurting from someone else's inconsideration. I'm so sorry. I hope that you do find peace!

Erin said...

Thanks for the post. It really is hard to let go of negative feelings- especially when they feel so justified.
You are a strong lady and you will conquer this!

Sheryl Parsons said...

What a symbolic way to do this Denalee. So sorry that this has happened to you and Brad!

mrs. r said...

hahaha! HILARIOUS POST!!! stupid plant of death!!! feel ya on that one.

you are so clever!